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Adding a field to Contact that was already on Lead - can it be mapped to same field?

Question asked by a4f5d7e81566dac4ed8fd3ec10557fb68e22fa57 on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by 0bd96454cafdd2dfa70a171bfa7b79b53384cf2a

We have some fields in SFDC on the Lead that we would now like to have on the Contact as well. They are currently mapped to the Lead object only (as they don't yet exist on the Contact). I seem to recall that we need Marketo to map the Contact field to the same field as the Lead field. Is it correct that this is a destructive process that will wipe the data in the Lead field? Does anyone have experience to add? I'm reluctant to work around this by creating new fields on both because of the issues with all of the references to the fields in SFDC and Marketo, and that you can't delete fields in Marketo, only hide them.