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System date token / timestamp field

Question asked by b8a94b8f72a45658223390189a9d65d31c8ff7c9 on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by b8a94b8f72a45658223390189a9d65d31c8ff7c9


I want to capture exact first date (in a field) of when a lead clicks on a web page url.

So I have created a 'timestamp' fields.

I have built a triggered campaign, so as soon as someone visits the webpage, the flow checks if the 'visitedtimestamp' field is empty, if so,then populates it with the system date token.


Q1. How do I stop the 'visitedtimestamp' field from being populated for older leads (leads that have visited the webpage in the past - so their first visit date won't be todays system date as its not their first visit)?


Q2. Is there a way to pre-populate the new 'visitedtimestamp' field for those who have visited the webpage, prior to today's new timestamp capture campaign being activated?


Q3. Is there a system token for capturing the URL is a field - so that I can extract a excel report and it shows exact link that was visited by the lead (as we have more than 20 specific links that we need to track and run a smart list for)?