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how to get tokens by folder id

Question asked by 31ca5c61b8c8a43b12b98b70c27e81075f962b5d on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by c694a1db2258a8e9d4fa41a306b2d09c95f57961

I am trying  Get Tokens by Folder id REST API of Marketo. For this i need to give the folder id which i am getting from Get Folder by Name » Marketo Developers  - Get Folder by Name.



The issue here is i got the folder id as 19 from Get Folder by Name REST API but when i try this providing the id in the first REST api - get tokens by folder id, the response is following ,








I don get any tokens. But there are tokens in the folder 19. When i click on the folder in the Marketing activities and navigate and see My Tokens tab I see two tokens under local tab. Should i do something to make this API work ?