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Contacts Who Haven't Opted In or Out

Question asked by c7f421d7232642903c586526b2daadf273e725d1 on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by c7f421d7232642903c586526b2daadf273e725d1

Hey all, we are still moving over to Marketo from a different platform-- so this is a set-up question.


In our previous system a subscription could be True, False or Blank.  Blank being not set.  Marketo seems to only allow True or False, so blanks by default imported as False.  Does anyone know a way around this?


I'm asking because we used to supress a list of people who were opted in, but didn't want a specific type of email.  Now, people who haven't updated their preferences, such as customers, cannot be emailed if we suppress that  list.


Any thoughts?