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Best Way To Add Status to Existing Channel?

Question asked by d616ab8d44dd6cf5de948396b223ba89a4ac1e5e on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by d616ab8d44dd6cf5de948396b223ba89a4ac1e5e

I'm using a current channel in Marketo, but I need to add a status to it.


When I go to edit the channel, I get a warning: "Warning: Do not copy labels from one field to another, this will rename the status in existing Smart Campaigns"


'So my question is, how can I add a status without risking renaming statuses in existing Smart Campaigns? Can I just click "Add Step", add the new status, and use a step number that fits in between existing statuses?


Hope this makes sense, thanks.