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Wait steps within engagement program casts

Question asked by b45fdddb12b0ddecd3ccf81e97cb6c53de4eb012 on Sep 2, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by 23a6e5e65c4880f42a44f574a1723e439e4a5533

We're building an engagement path right now and would like for it to cast out at appropriate times for where in the world leads live.  We already have a field defining this, but I'm curious about how wait steps will work with an engagement program cast.  If I set the engagement program to cast at say Midnight EDT, and then have a flow that looks like this:


Step 1 - If region is APAC, Send email

Step 2 - Wait 4 hours

Step 3 - If region is EMEA, Send email

Step 4 - Wait 4 hours

Step 5 - If region is NA/LATAM, Send email


Will this work as intended?  The other way I could imagine doing this is by having three parallel streams with the same casts in them set to send out four hours apart and have transition rules based on region changing.