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Limit triggered emails to monday - friday

Question asked by b360d94cc418c749d805a35bd52be3c8205934e2 on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by josh.hill

I have a reminder email which is triggered off of an anniversary date for the lead. I'm using a smart program to do this.


My smart list consists of a single trigger - 'add to list' with a static list specified. My flow consists of a: wait until the lead's anniversary date, at 8 am and b: send the email. Of course, this allows emails to send seven days a week.


I'm using 'add to list' as my trigger as my CRM is not integrated with Marketo (yet). I add leads to a static list and this sets the process in motion while recognizing individual anniversary dates.


Any ideas to improve upon this process, and/or to allow me to force these sends only on workdays, would be appreciated.