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Syncing existing Marketo data into new Microsoft Dynamics CRM field

Question asked by b6c2c06152192c146bf1c9bbf8dff1da7fac22b6 on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by 0bd96454cafdd2dfa70a171bfa7b79b53384cf2a

Hello Microsoft Dynamics users. I have a bit of a stumper:


We have been collecting subscription data in Marketo for a few months now, using our Subscription Center to understand which leads prefer which types of messaging. These are managed by a series of custom Marketo boolean fields.


We are undergoing a bit of a Dynamics (2015 on-prem) redesign, and our client services organization asked to have this data populate on their contact record form.


Our CRM consultant has created identical boolean fields in CRM and we are getting ready to push this into production. My question is: Can I map these new-to-CRM fields with my already-existed-in-Marketo fields? If yes, will the data that exists currently in Marketo push to CRM, or will we have to plan a massive data import to get the values for those fields present in CRM?


Looking forward to your expertise!