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Lead/Person with multiple Opportunities

Question asked by df9adc10eb2c8ca70819cca8710e55b740bf66cd on Sep 1, 2016
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Can someone confirm this?


In our business, a Contact can have multiple Opportunities and we use Opportunity records extensively. However we found an issues for leads that have multiple Opps when sending email that has tokens.


Example: a lead has 2 opportunities. Opportunity: A & B, Opp B is qualify for a smart campaign, and flow step is to send out an email (email has token in it). When the email is sent out, it use Opp A as the reference, thus the token in the email is populating from Opp A data, not Opp B.


If this is the case, is there any workaround? Again we use Opp record extensively and email script token in our email is crucial.


I know my explanation is not perfect, but do let me know if you need more clarification.