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Specific Landing Pages for Tradeshows/Events

Question asked by ec397a6309037e72001200d441ca00fc52e96671 on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by ec397a6309037e72001200d441ca00fc52e96671

Hello all, long-time listener, first-time conversation starter. (Little shy, too.)


PREFACE: It has been several years since I've used Marketo/SFDC and I'm in the process of implementing Mkto for my corporation now (B2B). I've also only been here a few months....(No pressure, right?)


So here's the question that hit me at 2 a.m.: We don't do/attend/sponsor many "events," but I'm wondering if we should make landing pages that are specific for each one (and provide the unique URL to the event coordinator).


1) Our website is lacking information when it comes to our product offerings. In that regard, it would make sense to have pages that are a little more tailored to the event.


2) But that aside, would you see a benefit in campaign tracking and marketing getting more credit for the interesting moment (or whatever) if we take the landing page vs. the standard web page approach? I know that Marketo already captures the referring page, etc., but wondering if there are additional advantages. Marketo and MA has changed so much since I've been in it and I haven't been able to dig in too deeply since we don't have the program up and running yet. And I admit, I'm also trying to get my brain back into the game. I may be overthinking, of course, and/or lacking logic-influencing caffeine.


Again, we don't have our platform up and running yet...just thinking ahead.