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Page Views in Marketo versus Google Analytics

Question asked by 589682f0d4739dc2366ab01c03623a062e7e2910 on Aug 30, 2016
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Hi all,


A bit of a technical issue here, for a few weeks now, our team has been seeing drastic differences in the page view reports provided by Marketo and GA.


Marketo Support has not been able to find a a solution (yet), so hopefully there are some smart minds here who can help figure out the problem.


This is our situation:

With Google Tag Manager (GTM) we execute the Munchkin code and the Google Universal Analytics code, on all pages.

However, in GTM we made an exception rule, so that the Munchkin code is not fired on any Marketo landing page. (see next 2 screenshots)

The GTM script is placed in the body of the landing page template. The exception rule should ensure that the munchkin code is not fired twice.


MKTO Munchkin GTM.PNGMKTO Munchkin GTM 2.PNG













The Munchkin code is also placed separately in the body of the HTML in the landing page template.


Our problem:

We have landing pages that supposedly have a lot of views according to Marketo, but in GA, these numbers are much lower. One landing page, which is reporting contradicting values is this one: Use E-Commerce to Keep Your B2B Company in Top Shape - Sana Commerce  (it's in Dutch by the way, if you may wonder)

It's an old landing page, and it is hardly used, so it is very odd that Marketo reports high page visits.


This is what Marketo tells us:


Note the time of activity. Starting at 0:56 o'clock on August 8th, and ending on August 14th at 23:55 o'clock. We see this happening for this page for the past month already.


And this is what Google tells us:

GA Screenshot 2.PNG

So 187 compared to 6 ... That's a huge difference.


In GA, we exclude certain IP addresses which are not relevant to track. However, this could not explain the big differences we see in page views.


Would anyone be able to tell us if we are doing something wrong, or guide us to a place to look for a possible solution?


Appreciate all the help!



Pim OprausErrol van den Berg