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Update to Contact Account in SFDC

Question asked by 5a4bf69daa55e4bb2b4d7dc1f01fe9ad239f56db on Aug 30, 2016
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Does Marketo have the ability to update the account a contact is associated to in SFDC?


Use Case.


SFDC Contact Joe Doe exist in SFDC as a contact and a lead in Marketo under the company name Bank of America

Joe Doe completes a web form and updates his company name to Wells Fargo.

The company name to the lead record in Marketo is updated to Well Fargo.



What happens to the contact in SFDC associated to the lead in Marketo?

Does Marketo update the account name of the contact to Wells Fargo?

What happens if there is more than one Well Fargo in my SFDC, how would Marketo know which Wells Fargo account to associate to the contact?

What happens if the account doesn't exist in SFDC?

Would I now have a lead record in Marketo that has a different company name from the company name associated to the contact in SFDC?