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Unable to see existing audiences in Facebook AdBridge

Question asked by 5af8ea3707752b24bdd22d6b6fcbc24337e657cf on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by f156c93f67087d6bef3a0d0924af427bf3974e5a

Hi there


We have a number of different clients who use Facebook lead ads and we have set up all their integration identically, and using the same Facebook full admin permissions.


I am having difficulties with our newest lead ad client - I can push a smart list from Marketo into their Facebook account, however if I ever want to write to the same audience (i.e. update it) like we do with other clients, it doesn't show ANY existing lists in the drop-down, and the only option is '+ Create New Audience'.


I have tried pasting the name of an existing, previously uploaded list from Facebook, but it won't let me and says that the audience already exists in Facebook. This doesn't make sense - if the list exists and Marketo knows, then why isn't it showing in the drop down?


I'm wondering whether it is something to do with Facebook visibility permissions, but I can't find a single thing in Facebook that affects it. Any help much appreciated - my request for Marketo support wasn't particularly helpful, and the case hasn't been resolved, answered or even closed by the Support rep.


Many thanks,