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Subscription smart list/report with # of members in smart list?

Question asked by 31c49a9e92cfdfc36ec09f16a3d031bc05f44a62 Champion on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by 31c49a9e92cfdfc36ec09f16a3d031bc05f44a62

Hello Community,


I want to know if this is possible. I want to send myself an alert 2 days/week from a batch campaign and I want the alert to provide the number of leads in a few smart lists (more than 20).


Ex. Alert

Smart list #1: 4 members

Smart list #2: 0 members

Smart list #3: 8 members


Instead of creating 20 smart list subscriptions and then getting 20 alerts, is it possible to place a token in the email alert body that provides the number of members? I was also considering making the smart lists static lists instead and I can add/remove members via a smart campaign before the alert is sent if that can make it possible.


Another solution I was thinking about would be to subscribe to a lead performance report. The smart list for the report will only look at leads in the 20 smart lists and I can group the leads by a custom field created based on if they are in one of the smart lists (ex. field "Member of Smart list" and values could be "#1", "#2", etc.). If a lead is still in a smart list, they will keep the "#1" value for "Member of Smart List" but if they are not, the value will be nullified. The advantage here is that I can bring in the "Total Leads" column.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.