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What does your lead assignment set up look like?

Question asked by a2e2199481eb49e750ee6160799961cb4ad00066 on Aug 30, 2016
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We are constantly looking to improve upon our lead assignment process for sales reps and am very interested to hear how other companies handle this.  For a bit of context, we are a SME global business with a large amount of territories further broken out by region.  This has meant it is very difficult for us to fully automate assignment given the many variables at play.  At the moment, leads go into regional Salesforce queues first by region then by territory and are assigned by team managers out to reps.  It's a mix of manual/auto that is working adequately but we'd like to eventually take out as many manual elements as we can.


My questions are:

  1. How do you handle lead assignment?
  2. Are you using internal sales team members to vet and assign leads?
  3. Have you used any apps/vendors that have helped you make your process as robust as possible?
  4. Is full automation a reality for lead assignment for your organization? 


Thank you!