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Implementing a referral offer in a guided landing page

Question asked by 75ad8872d3212cb40768ccaecd5f3afde8429772 on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by 75ad8872d3212cb40768ccaecd5f3afde8429772

Hi All,


Just wanted to share what I was able to figure out today. The documentation is light in this area and there isn't a lot of discussions on the forum.


The objective was to implement a share offer with the use of tokens. i.e. The share offer is used in programs that will be cloned frequently (Events)


  1. To begin I created the share offer using 'Text Link' and fulfillment goal is smart list trigger
  2. Created a rich text token {{my.17-Referral offer }}
  3. Placed the referral offer embed code into the HTML section of the token
  4. Placed the token on the guided landing page


I have tested it and it works well. The only problem is the ugly link although from what I understand we cant style tokens.


Here are some screen of the implementation: