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How to find out about deleted leads in Marketo?

Question asked by 684b5a93ad60ad3cb2fd0f8c19cb0d2dd9a39480 on Aug 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by 27f13c46b10544f1360862cda4b32d4899c4b62e

I was browsing through some of the REST API's on Marketo's developer site and I stumbled upon the API on how to get deleted leads.

Get Deleted Leads » Marketo Developers . Has anyone tried it out.


Couple of question if you have tried it out:


-- How far back in time we can go to pull the leads that have been deleted?

-- Is there a way to pull email address of the deleted lead? [ I was only able to see the lead name in the primary attribute of the response]

-- Are you able to find about the leads that were deleted on a specific day or within a specific timeframe (let's say month of August 2016)


Looking forward to your inputs.