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How to add the duplicate records to blacklist.

Question asked by 369e879f24aa1814ed59bbdb865f080f9149b5b7 on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by 369e879f24aa1814ed59bbdb865f080f9149b5b7

Hi All,



Original id - 1. - Marketo id: 1234567 is set as blacklist true

Duplicate id - 2. - Marketo id: 7654321 is not set as blacklist true


When the target list is blasted with " - Marketo id: 7654321",the email is actually sent, since marketo recognizes both email id as different due to different marketo id. But logically, its the duplicate email id of the blacklisted lead and marketo should not send the email.



Is there a way to set duplicate email ids to set blacklist as "true", when  marketo finds one among the email id is blacklist "true".

Please help to overcome this issue and steps involved (default if any available in marketo to set black list true for duplicate id / to achieve this through any smart list / smart campaign )


Thanks in advance! - Marketo id: 7654321