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Abandoned Cart Program

Question asked by 493e856c19d753c683356eb5e0491d98e41981a2 on Aug 26, 2016
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We are working on setting up a cart abandonment program in Marketo.


We have a homegrown ecommerce site (so not using a service like Magento).


Does anyone have any experience setting this up? I couldn't find any documentation on it.


As of now, we have two custom objects: Cart Item and Order Item. Cart Item is an item that was added to the cart and order item is an item that was on an order.


The campaigns I have set-up are:

1 – Add to Cart List

  • Added to cart is the trigger
  • Flow adds them to an added to cart list

2 – Add to abandoned cart list

  • Trigger is if they are added to the add to cart list
  • Flow waits 1 day and adds them to an abandoned cart list

3 – Send Email

  • Triggered if they are added to the abandoned cart list

Then I have 3 campaigns setup to remove them from the lists:

  1. Deleted Item – if they delete their cart
  2. Email Sent – if they receive the abandoned cart email
  3.   Purchased – triggered if the date last shop data value changes


Does this look correct? Any advice?