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Editing a Flow mid-Flow?

Question asked by e7768d1b57a11d38500439b4edcff72a1126bc2d on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by 1516e37c6e5aa5edccbb30807e2c2d142deb4ae4

Hi guys,


I had a flow that went like this:

(intended to be launched on August 25th)

Send Email

Wait until August 30th

Send Email


Then, I accidentally scheduled it to start too early and launched the batch on August 11th.


So, after it had launched on August 11th, I went back in and edited the (active) flow:


Send email

Wait until August 25th

Send Email

Wait until August 30th

Send Email


Will this work? Will it pick up the new steps? Or, because it had already launched prior to the edit, is it just going to do whatever it was going to do already?