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Hundreds of Duplicates Created by Marketo Sync - Advice?

Question asked by 4b3cf413ec5b8d58075127da646236e117f09748 on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by 4b3cf413ec5b8d58075127da646236e117f09748

Hi all,

I spent some quality time yesterday doing two cleanups in Marketo:

1. Making sure I included (and ran) an "Influenced" smart campaign for all of my programs (I had a training session on Analytics and realized I had not properly set up tracking for programs to report out Program Influence, Attribution, etc.)

2. Creating nested Campaigns in Salesforce, pulling Smart lists for Marketo program members and then adding them to those campaigns


During this time, we had an outage with our Salesforce API as our development team exceeded the daily API limits as they were setting up the integration.


A few hours later, my sales lead used Cloudingo to run a report on duplicates and noticed there were hundreds of new leads created during that time by Marketo Sync. We have a huge campaign going out Friday, so I have to get this resolved before then.

Two questions:

1. Why did this happen?

2. Am I safe if I just run a report of all Leads with Create date yesterday, created by Marketo Sync, and then delete them all? I'm scared to do that given that we also uploaded a bunch of new Contacts yesterday (new users associated with a customer account).


Your help is so appreciated!