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Segmentation & Dynamic Content Question

Question asked by ad5b99444e9f5d5915f2f590bc8c91a6df77c2a6 on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by ad5b99444e9f5d5915f2f590bc8c91a6df77c2a6

Hi everyone,


I have a question regarding segmentation and dynamic content. Basically, for an event promotion we have a form that allows the user to select all the conferences we are hosting they would like to attend (so they can select multiple choices). I'd like to then send a confirmation email that shows which conferences they signed up for (so if they signed up for three, information on the three they selected would populate in the email).


We have seven conferences total - would the easiest way to do this be to set up seven different segments (one for each seminar) and then have the email's dynamic content populate any that are selected? I'd like to have them neatly line up on top of each other, and only show information for seminars they signed up for.


Just trying to figure out the easiest way to do this and avoid bombarding registrants with multiple confirmation emails. Any insight or suggestions would be most appreciated!