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Best Method to Populate Correct Tokens on LP

Question asked by 7ee08792df46ec60fc8cd157e5f5500f1144440f on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by sanford.whiteman

We're going to be running a customer email campaign that let's people know their plans are being migrated automatically unless they choose something else. For example, let's say the plans are for cars. The LP has a table populated with tokens that looks something like this (and it goes up to 7 rows - I'm just showing you 2):



Car License No.Average UseRecommended Plan
{{ 1}} {{lead.average use 1}}{{lead.plan 1}}
{{ 2}} {{lead.average use 2}}{{lead.plan 2}}


What is the best way to ensure the tokens populate correctly? If I pass the email address in a hidden field in the URL, will that ensure Marketo populates the tokens from the fields associated with that email address?


I'm asking because in my own tests, the first time I tried it my tokens were empty and on the form, my email address, etc., was populating with based on a different email address I had been using for test form fills in the past. That shouldn't be the case with customers, but you never know.