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Checking for duplicates in a text field

Question asked by 7c80e242c6b489a16c140d4b5142aa0beec73742 on Aug 23, 2016
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Hopefully, someone here has an answer to a problem I have been having.


Currently, I am using the Comment History Method to add information to a text field so that we can keep a running list of all the entries being passed from our API calls.
However, I run into an issue where the new comments being added to the comment history  reflect the same values already existing in the comment history.


Is there a way for me to add new comments to my comment history while making sure that the comment history does not contain any of the values in the new comment? If there is a way for me to identify like values, is there a way for me to make sure it only gets added once?




New Comment: Blue, Yellow, Green.

Comment History: Orange, Green, Red.


Right now it would add them together to make - Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green. Creating duplicate Green entries.


I would like it to show - Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow. Only counting the green entry once.