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Pass Referrer Parameters Between Pages

Question asked by 846ea29a16abf20ac60cc2ac8d5e9818b0300717 on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by 846ea29a16abf20ac60cc2ac8d5e9818b0300717

I first want to start off by saying, I am able to pass referrer utm parameters from link to form to Marketo. I am using this method as a way to track the source of a lead and ultimately a conversion. So for example, Jane (a lead) clicks a link while on Facebook (with utm parameters in it) and it takes her to a Marketo landing page with a form (the form also has hidden referrer utm parameters). She submits the form and I am now able to see that she came from Facebook. All is well.


Now I need to get a little bit fancier, and pass referrer utm parameters between two forms on two landing pages. So for example, Jane clicks on the link from Facebook and is taken to a landing page with a form. She has to fill out this form to receive a promo code (so we can capture her email information even if she doesn't continue). Then, if she wants to redeem the code, she needs to fill out another form with more detailed information (to request a quote).


Is there a way to pass referrer utm parameters between two pages and two forms? I still want to know that Jane originally came from Facebook even if she immediately converts.