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Question asked by 1ca32890683b7457767504d19d01fef7663edcc0 on Aug 22, 2016
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A couple of my clients recently inquired about their need to deal with a situation where there they had a program with a wrong channel. They wanted to change the channel but couldn’t do so because they had program members.

They were worried that removing these members from the program might cause an issue with the “acquired by” so the information of the acquisition program will be lost.

They asked support and couldn't get a clear answer first, only when I intervened and contacted support myself we found the best solution.


That is what you have to do:


1. Export the list of members as a CSV file (screenshot 1, step 1 & 3).

2. Delete all the members from the program (screenshot 1, step 2).

3. Change the program channel (You might have to change update some of your smart campaigns, pointing at the previous program status) (screenshot 2, step 1).

4. Import the list you exported in step 1 to the program (screenshot 1, step 4).

5. Update all the statuses to what they have been before.

6. Mark the leads who were acquired by (you have this information in the CSV file from step    1) and using "Change Data Value" you can update the Acquisition program. From that point the "Acquired By" leads will become again "Acquired By" that program (screenshot 3).




export and delete.png


Screenshot 2:


Screenshot 3:

change program chnnel.png



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