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Transition Rule not working

Question asked by 6bd5f2088dc00e454c2367580673a8a19da304cc on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by 6bd5f2088dc00e454c2367580673a8a19da304cc

I have a simple nurture set up for a 'General Merchandise Engagement Program'

It is just 6 emails. I set up a second stream that I'm calling 'Recast.' I want the folks to be put into the 'Recast' stream if they didn't interact with any of the emails in the previous stream (I changed the subject lines)


It seems like I set it up wrong though. People are receiving Email #1 in the 2nd stream who already received Email #1 in the 1st stream. Yikes!


I attached screen shots of the streams, smart list, and flow.