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Why are we losing 70% or more of form submissions (Drupal, Cloudflare)

Question asked by a69f66958dfefabbf78f82c430a81b021242999a on Aug 21, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by a69f66958dfefabbf78f82c430a81b021242999a

We've been using marketo since the beginning of the month, and this week we just  noticed that we were not getting all the form submissions.


We were using the server side submit method noted here:


We have checked the rate limit and turned off high traffic forms, and that does not appear to be the issue.  Even on at the highest point, we seem to only be at 7 submits per minute, well under the 30 per minute.


We have now started using a Drupal module - Marketo MA, which works flawlessly in our development box, but not at all in production.  We're trying to track down the cause of this.


The major differences between the two servers are that the production servers are using HTTPS and behind Cloudflare.  We are going to test with cloudflare off this week and see if that is somehow the culprit.


Are there other things that anyone can think of? 


Thanks for any information!