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CampaignID overwritten by Google UTM parameters

Question asked by a1b13d9e6c34e5c4d6f7e651ac8a01378d8e6dc3 on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by josh.hill


When I tag email links using classic UTM tags (url builder, etc) it works perfectly but in Marketo the lead info shows campaignID as overriden and includes part of that snippet.


Has anyone run into this AND or got a workaround/fix?


Example: Fast Track Lead Alert


Hi Account Manager,

This lead has filled out a form expressing interest in our products and/or services:

Product Interest: XXXXX Demo Request
Partnership Interest (if listed as Partnership Levels above):

First Name: [redacted]

Last Name: [redacted]

Phone: [redacted]

Problem Solved
Job Function:

State: CA
Master Category:
Credit, Debit, and Checking
Referral Source:
CampaignID: NL-Footer?utm_content=marketing list  ISSUE IS HERE