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Tracking a Campaign and Sources

Question asked by 8fc1b80bdc91c77994ddafd2658e5392d4cc338c on Aug 18, 2016
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Hey Everyone,


I am slowly getting a grip of everything Marketo but recently started struggling with finding the right way to track our new media campaign.


I'm sure I am not alone in that we have a new media campaign and are pushing it out through many channels (tracked with individual url parameters). I have already setup tracking programs to track anyone that touches our landing pages and also have separate programs tracking the varying url parameters.


With this setup I feel like I am missing something. Is there a way to set this up where I could easily track (in one place) the following:

- Total Number of Leads from Entire Campaign (visited, converted, etc.)

- Number of Campaign Leads from Source A (visited, converted, etc.)

- Number of Campaign Leads from Source B (visited, converted, etc.)



With my current setup I would need to look through many programs to get the numbers I need but was hoping there was a way to track everything under the umbrella of the main campaign.


Could someone please shove me in the right direction if I am missing something?