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Netsuite to Salesforce CRM/Integration change

Question asked by abf3599aa3ffbdff022d2c8fa778b6f7e3348362 on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by abf3599aa3ffbdff022d2c8fa778b6f7e3348362

Hello fellow Marketers,


We are currently going down the path of changing our CRM (Netsuite to Salesforce).  We had our kickoff meeting this week and there are a few things that i have been curious of.


1. What capabilities will open up for us with having an integration with Salesforce?

2. What common problems do i need to try to avoid when changing the sync to connect to Salesforce?

3. Is it better to re-purpose fields and update the values? or create new since label and values will most likely be changing? Perhaps re-purposing default fields and recreate any custom?

4. What are the ramifications if we sync Lead, Contact, and Account info but wait till phase II when it comes to Campaign/program sync?

5. What other question should i make sure i am asking?

6. What are some known common issues when changing CRMs that we should be aware of?