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How to report on SFDC Opportunity PRODUCTS

Question asked by 42a9b07b47683e229f138bb0612538fd40912153 on Aug 17, 2016
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Our sales reps add a variety of products to the opportunity. An opportunity may have one or more products associated with it. For simplicity's sake, let's call them:

  • Product A
  • Product B
  • Product C

I'm trying to create a view of my leads with opportunities, as well as the products on that opportunity.


Smart List

Lead is created = This Month

Has Opportunity= True


From there I would like to be able to show a view that has the opportunity as well as the products listed, such as:

Name          # of Optys          Opty Amount          Products

Joe Smith     1                         $1,000                   Product A, Product B

Mary Miller     1                         $500                    Product C

Lisa Lee         1                         $600                    Product B


If that view is not possible, how do I filter the Product in a constraint? Many of the constraints I see in the 'Has Opportunity' filter seem to be related to the contact, not the opportunity. We use the out of the box Price Book with Salesforce, if that helps.


Thank you so much for your help!