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Unbounce visitors stats != Marketo link click stats

Question asked by 063d160b94ea8db5563720372fed528a055eed1b on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by josh.hill

Hi all,

We've encountered the following issue with an Unbounce landing page that we used in a Marketo email:

- Marketo statistics on # of clicks on the page URL from an email show around 800 unique clicks

- Unbounce stats: 250 unique visits

- Google analytics: 215 unique visits

I'm wondering where this dramatic difference could come from, because I was sure that every Marketo link click equals an Unbounce page visit. It should be.

The numbers have been like that for 2 days (so there's no delay in counting as I've thought at first) and the landing page was only used in one email.

My first thought was that the Unbounce page was down for a certain period of time so Marketo tracked the clicks but the users never got to see the page itself. But maybe I just don't get something? Are there any other scenarios (more optimistic than a page being down and us losing 600 leads)?

Thanks for any ideas!