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How can I find my email analytics?

Question asked by 4fa8060e2be6ac783092a275b8d22a5c26fa3bb2 on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by 4fa8060e2be6ac783092a275b8d22a5c26fa3bb2

I am brand-new to Marketo and have sent my first campaign this morning. It's performed very well according to the dashboard, we have had a few people email and fill out some forms, only one unsubscriber, etc.. I just can't seem to find out who those people are. I can find the lists that the mailing was sent out to, and I can see how many people filled out the form and clicked the links, but I can't seem to find which subscribers it was that interacted with the email? I have read the documentation and there's something called Email Insights which I can't seem to find at all... Does anyone know how I can find this info? I'm assuming Marketo must have this feature, it's pretty basic reporting...