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Log With Marketo button in Marketo Sales Insight Outlook Plug-in does not work for us if the email is sent to a ‘non Marketo Sales Insight User’ email address

Question asked by 36d70fa96d8dc00efa834578a73720dccd1209ee on Aug 17, 2016

The ability to use this functionality to identify positive (or negative) email response, particularly from Marketo emails sent by marketing is really useful as it helps track engagement. However in Marketo the from email in some cases use a ‘from’ alias email address (instead of our normal email address we use i.e. no dot) this is to stop our Account Managers receiving large numbers of out of office replies – especially during holiday season and to also be able to centrally monitor response whilst Account Managers are away. When we use this method we are not able to use the Log With Marketo button in the Outlook plug-in although we get the ‘message logged with Marketo’ confirmation pop up . Any ideas on how this can be overcome? I suspect it is the way the ‘alias’ emails have been set up internally – they haven’t got their own email account but are linked to a generic email account and then separated by distribution folders. We use Outlook 2013.

The ‘Sales Insight Outlook Add-In and “Log With Marketo” button’ question and answer was really useful but this is slightly different.