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Employees displaying in SI "Best Bets" tab

Question asked by 6e3aeb82dad57ed9534e3f5254c3c1bdf9d1f21e on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by 6e3aeb82dad57ed9534e3f5254c3c1bdf9d1f21e

We've been receiving some complaints from our sales team that our employees are populating the "Best Bets" section of their Sales Insight plugins. I'm looking for some input as to how to remove them from it.


Some additional input I can provide is that while we have systems in place to keep them from entering our lifecycle funnel, we do not have anything in place to keep them from being scored. Would adding parameters to reset their scores and remove them from further scoring campaigns solve the issue or does the Best Bets tab function off of web page visits even outside of scoring programs?


Any input would be great. Thanks.