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Mandatory image height in Email Editor 2.0 results in distorted images

Question asked by a0f08e63cbebfaa4682789e1800cd66c01bf0238 on Aug 14, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by a0f08e63cbebfaa4682789e1800cd66c01bf0238

I have noticed that when you edit an image in Email Editor 2.0, it forces you to enter a height value for every image. (Using the editor 2.0 syntax, I am using the div method, i.e. using div class="mktoImg" with an image tag inside.)


When you edit the image in the editor, if you try to leave the height field blank, you get a validation error and can't save your image:




In the old email editor, you were able to leave the height field blank so that the HTML height="xx" attribute would not be added to your image/s. This was perfect because it allowed you to have fluid templates where all images resized proportionally.


Forcing a fixed height to be added to images is a problem for fluid templates because images will become distorted like the example below left.




This is particularly a problem in Gmail because you cannot override the HTML height attribute with height:auto. Gmail's CSS pre-processor changes every instance of CSS height to min-height, rendering it useless against an HTML height attribute. It cannot override it.


Could this be fixed so that the height is optional, like it used to be in editor 1.0? Otherwise it severely limits the types of templates that can be added for use.


If it is optional, it should be able to keep everyone happy