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Best Marketing Metrics for B2B Enterprise (software)

Question asked by b0cd0d6e7a52e8ab7d757b597b8442a7eed10e02 on Aug 15, 2016
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For a long time we've been going back and forth on best metrics to help illustrate the health of our funnel from top (new names) all the way through to closed $.  I'm interested what other companies are tracking, first starting with metrics for you executive staff (clearly internally metrics for marketing performance tracking will be more detailed but let's start at the top). 


We are looking at the obvious things like

- Leads (new names)

- MQLs (as determined through automated scoring)

- SQLs (confirmed opportunities)

- SQL $

- Won deals

- Won $

- and associated conversions


We are likely moving toward tracking Sales Ready Leads and Sales Accepted to help us better track throughput at the top of the funnel between marketing/outside sales. But the devil is in the details and it gets a little more complicated with longer sales cycles (for discussion sake let's assume anywhere from 3 months to 18 months).


One example question I have - when you are tracking performance with in a month, do you report on

1. The Leads created, the MQLs created from those leads, the Sales Opps created from those MQLs, etc?  OR

2. The leads created in the month, leads that become MQLs in that month REGARDLESS of when the lead was created, Sales Opps created in the month REGARDLESS of when the lead was created or the lead became an MQL


Another question

3.  are you tracking leads and MQLs as people, and transitioning to companies when you move to SQL?  Or are you tying to consolidate leads/mqls in to companies?


If you've created a dashboard that your executives love (regardless of what tool you use to create the dashboard), I'd love to see some examples to get an understanding of what other marketers in the enterprise b2b space are reporting on.  Also interested in any benchmarks around leads to MQL to SQL conversion rates you're willing to share. 

BTW this was a great article but now 5 yrs old:


Thanks in advance