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Wrong leads syncing to Marketo from SalesForce

Question asked by 838e9b5839b8321a2824497586a7dbdc52a0f154 on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by 838e9b5839b8321a2824497586a7dbdc52a0f154


Up until a week ago, only a certain subset of all the leads contained in SalesForce would be accepted into my Marketo instance (I assume based on what Record Types my SalesForce Marketo Sync User has access to?). It appears no changes have been made to the Marketo Sync User account. I know my Marketo accepts whatever SalesForce sends over. How do I keep SalesForce from sending over other Record Types?


Some background: I share a SalesForce instance with 2 sister companies. One sister company uses Pardot, and the other does not have marketing automation. Just recently, whenever an update is made to either company’s leads, it is now being synced to Marketo. I was told a recent change was to make all SF leads “Public” instead of “Private.”


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,