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What Happens to Lead Record When You Delete a Smart Campaign with that Lead as a Result?

Question asked by 8b48d0606d33925a9d4d0adf291c11570dbde87e on Aug 11, 2016
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What happens when a Smart Campaign with Results is deleted?


For example, let's assume that the Smart Campaign changed a data value on the Lead Record.


  1. Is the entry in the Activity Log for that Lead deleted?
  2. How is the Activity Log affected?
  3. Are there any implications for the data on the Lead itself?
  4. Is the Lead archived in Marketo in any way?



When I tested this myself, I noticed strange behavior that I was not expecting. The entry in the Activity Log for Leads that ended up in the Results of the Smart Campaign remained, which I see as a good thing. However, the links to the "Campaign Name" were no longer hyperlinked for any of the Activity Log entries. This would have made sense for just the Smart Campaign that was deleted, but instead it affected all Activty Log entries. Meaning that I could no longer use the hyperlink to access the Campaign for any of the other log entries.


Some of the confusion might be around my lack of understanding of the Marketo database architecture. I'm not sure when I am deleting an actual record or metadata. Is there any good resource that someone can provide that would help educate me on this point?