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Would these transition rules work?

Question asked by fe7a51c4be59ca868c79153f8dd0d52b7828751a on Aug 11, 2016
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I've got 3 streams set up in an engagement program



Stream 1

Stream 2

Stream 3


I want my leads to pass through Stream 1 initially - this stream will be interrupted and they will be moved to a different campaign stream (they could have received 1 - 4 emails in the stream) Once the campaign stream concludes I want to add the leads back into Stream 1 to continue from where they've left off. (i.e. Email 3 received - Email 4 would be sent next) The method to returning a lead to Stream 1 would be Add to Engagement Program - XXPROGRAM this would return the lead to Stream 1 if they've been added to the program so long as "Added to Engagement Program - XXPROGRAM" was the trigger for transition rule.


If the lead has exhausted from Stream 1 - I would like them to return from a campaign and go into stream 2 content. Would my transition rules stay the same for the method to return the lead to the program, and then the transition rules for Stream 2 would be - Trigger: Added to Engagement Program: XXPROGRAM, filter - email was sent - email 4

This would mean they were added back into the program, and if they were sent the last email in stream 1, they would start in stream 2.


When moving from 2 to 3 the transition rule would be the same, except it instead of email 4 it would be email 8, or whatever the end of Stream 2 is.


Am I doing this correctly? - would these transition rules make the leads continue down their process?

If the lead exhausts from a Stream 1, I'm alright with them not moving anywhere until they are re-added to the engagement program at a later date.


I just want to make sure the leads are continuing through the XXPROGRAM streams - not missing any of the emails. Is there a better method of ensuring the leads continue through the stream process I may be overlooking? If I add a lead back to an engagement program, and they've already received 1 - 2 emails in Stream 1, will they start to receive email 3, or will they start from email 1 again? I looked into the to find more info about the transition rules Transition Leads Between Engagement Streams - Marketo Docs - Product Docs I couldn't find anything with the sort of method I'm trying to set up.


Any help / insight would be greatly appreciated.