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Finding and Removing Duplicates

Question asked by f65fcc984809747b847c1bf1d003b14e6379f425 on Aug 10, 2016
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A list was uploaded months ago through Marketo which contained thousands of contacts. Unfortunately it was updated incorrectly and created a lot of bad data and duplicates. We are attempting to clean out everything but need to compile the metrics on the database first. I have reviewed alot of information including this blog -


Question is anyone have any ideas on best ways to start this from experience? We have 3 instances that all sync together one being SFDC. We are working on a plan to maintain the database moving forward with best practices to keep data clean but what would be some best practices to get rid of these duplicates or how to find out via a Smart List how many we actually potentially are looking at in Marketo? I have created a list matching full name as a start to see what numbers we may be dealing with.