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Can we put 2 or more marketing programs as assets in a default program ?

Question asked by 964bb64ceb1ece491c836a58906f6ae3caea3cce on Aug 10, 2016
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Hello everyone,



It's my first message in the community and I am a basic user of Marketo.

I started to use marketo only for email blasting via the basic email program but now I am in a new company that uses Default program for all its email blasting and I am a bit confused with this new process.



Here is my situation :

I need to send two emails (for 2 different industries) in the same campaign. In the email corpus there is a call to action that brings the lead to a landing page on our website. In the website landing page there is a form which is an embed Marketo form created in the Design studio.


In order to run my campaign following the company process, I created a Default program and put in it two Email programs as assets.

Then I created two different email which are linked to the related email program.



My question is : Am I doing right ?


If I want to do a report on the campaign, can I run a report on the Default program that shows me the global results for the two Email programs ?


Many thanks in advance for your help !