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RTP - Personalized Remarketing in Facebook

Question asked by bd4be54ea6a3d2e298be59f76e9d2b7089886409 on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by 87fb24eb866accfb8af012f8330d65f0732685a6

Hi all,


I'm currently setting up Remarketing with RTP data for Google Analytics and Facebook.


For the Facebook setup, the Marketo documentation states that:

"You need to have Facebook Custom Audience Pixel installed your website for this feature to work."


When visiting that page, this feature is noted as being "deprecated".


My guess is that I still need to add this pixel.

Using the Pixel - Facebook Pixel - Documentation - Facebook for Developers


If it were my own website I would just try and see, but since I need to give these instructions to a client

I'd like to get this confirmed.


Kind regards,