Acquisition Program vs Acquisition Program Name Fields

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I was looking to nail down the difference between the Acquisition Program and Acquisition Program Name fields and was pointed to this answer marked as correct from a 2013 discussion:


I'd bet that Acquisition Program Name is for people like me who were complaining about Acquisition Program being a system locked down field. It isn't available in many picklists, nor in certain filters. I really wanted to trigger campaigns off of Acquisition Program. So as a work around they duplicated the data into Acquisition Program Name and didn't make it a "special" data point, allowing it to be selected in lists, etc.


Acquisition Program = Master naming for programs
Acquisition Program Name = Friendly usable name


Has something has changed? Because what I see now is that I can select either field in a Smart List but can select only Acquisition Program in a Change Data Value flow step (though I could have sworn I had used Acquisition Program Name in a Change Data Value flow step in the past - perhaps it's my bad memory).



The use case is that I want to check if Acquisition Program (or Acquisition Program Name) is empty - and if it IS, then populate it. In my Smart List, does it matter whether I use: Acquisition Program Name->is empty or Acquisition Program->is empty?


And can someone please expand upon why the two fields since the above explanation (no longer) seems to be accurate (i.e., Acquisition Program is usable)?


Thank you!