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Figure out if lead was sent only 1 email

Question asked by 72964b4fa51c35a3f006139a97168f64f0c7bdb2 on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by 72964b4fa51c35a3f006139a97168f64f0c7bdb2

In trying to help clean up our hot mess of a database, we have over 80k leads that have not engaged in the past 6 months.  Is there a way I can figure out how many of these leads received ONLY 1 email?  I thought maybe adding the "Min. Number of Times" constraint on the "Was Sent Email" filter would be the answer but something tells me that may mean number of attempts any email was sent (such as if it bounced and it reattempted the send) as opposed to if the lead got more than one different email (such as a web seminar invite, and another for a promotion).