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Tracking Vendor and Asset Success/Performance in Marketo and SFDC

Question asked by 6806addcdc4ff4a23b5eb6048ffb4af7897afa06 on Aug 4, 2016
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Hello there -


My digital team is currently looking for a way to optimize our campaign structure/strategy.


Currently in order to track Vendor and Asset success we are using an o parameter field (which is basically the 18 character SFDC ID). We create a url for each asset and vendor send. Meaning we are essentially creating a batch and blast email for every email being sent internally and externally and never truly optimizing the process, in order for the sake of really granular reporting. In turn it is creating a backlog of data value changes and it is slowing down both systems and the integration.


How do you currently track vendor and asset successes and what tools/integrations do you use?