What do you use for a Marketing Planning Calendar?

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I'm currently using a Basecamp Calendar to track everything in the Marketing Department -- I have a few different categories:

  • Webinars / Conferences / Campaigns
  • Holidays & Important Dates
  • Email Schedule
  • Content Marketing / PR


This allows me or anyone in the department to see everything in one view or to filter to one of these categories to help with planning. It's nothing too advanced and the simplicity helps with user adoption.


I'm curious what other marketing teams are using to help plan and prevent overlap with their marketing campaigns. I'm using Basecamp 2 and if I upgrade to Basecamp 3, the Calendar I currently rely on will change to an agenda view. Here's what Basecamp said about their new calendar:


Calendar: The landscape has changed - most companies use Google Calendar or Outlook or iCalendar for their company calendar. So rather than create confusion by creating another calendar, we’ve focused on an straightforward line-by-line agenda-view rather than a traditional grid view. You can add any events on this agenda view to your own personal Google, Outlook, or iCalendar, and then they'll also show up on your phone, but if you use the Basecamp Classic or Basecamp 2 calendar extensively for calendaring we’d suggest checking out the Basecamp 3 “Schedule” feature before switching over completely.


So is this accurate -- do most companies use Google Calendar or Outlook or iCalendar for their company calendar?