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Choosing particular data capture fields using Marketo forms

Question asked by 700193d070a81f7cb29d654a8c5175a7b1665d40 on Aug 3, 2016
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This is a weird (and I am assuming not possible) question . I was interested in creating a form using Marketo and was wondering if it is possible to choose that Marketo only capture certain data in the system.


I work in healthcare and want to produce a campaign that would encourage physician referral. Different service lines have varying degrees of information needs for referrals. Some are very straightforward (contact info) and others very complex (detail on patient condition). Though Marketo is HIPPA compliant, there is still a lot of sensitivity on what type of information is captured outside of our own servers. Would it be possible to create a Marketo form that had the necessary fields that a service line would need, but that would only capture basic contact info within the Marketo database and then send the full detail to the referral request team?