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Form 'hint text color' workaround for 'select'

Question asked by dd34a3d5d8f9572e3905b50f127a3c0521eaf4fe on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by sanford.whiteman

I have a form which utilizes the Hint Text instead of the label (within the field). I added a few Select fields now and the text in them defaults to black/dark grey. I'm trying to find the right CSS mix to get the default value to be a light grey and any selected option after that to go back to the black/dark grey default.




My "Country" field select has the pick-list values:


United States|United States




I want only "Country..." to be a light grey, but any of the other 3 to be the default color. Is this possible?